Quiz Nights at the Elevate Sports Bar

Engaging the customers is an important marketing strategy and will make your bar more popular. People enjoy endless entertainment and love going back to places they had most fun. With sports bar there is so much you can do to keep the people entertained and one of the best ways is through quiz nights. With all the different games, you are definitely guaranteed a good time and have a great evening.

Quiz Nights at the Elevate Sports Bar

Get the Coin Near the Bottle

This games involves placing a bottle of either wine or spirit on one side of the room. Then the teams are given a chance to throw a coin towards the bottle as they try to get as close as possible. When all the participants get to play, the person whose coin is closest to the bottle is the winner.

Bring These Items to the Front

In this, the host calls out common everyday pocket items that people carry around. This could include a blue pen, a foreign coin from any country or specific country, a note pad among others. The winner is the first team that brings the items to the score table and they get extra bonus points.

Hands on Heads, Hands on Waists

The teams stand and then the host reads a series of true or false questions. They can be general questions that have well known facts that most people know. If the players think that the statement or question is true they put their hands on their head and if not, they put their hands on their waists. The ones who get the question wrong they have to sit while the rest keep standing. It goes on and on until only one person remains who is the winner and gets a reward.

Quiz Nights at the Elevate Sports Bar

Who am I?

This is another trivia game where the players have to guess a mystery person. The host gives them clues about the person such as when they were born, where they live, what they do or where they are commonly found etc. the first person to piece the information together and identify the mystery person is the winner.

Name That Logo

With many companies and brands there are so many logos available. The host presents a collection of logos and asks the team to identify the companies associated with them. The team with most correct answers is the winner.

To sum up, you can attend a quiz night every Tuesday at the Elevate Sports Bar. There are a variety of games you can indulge in a quiz night that are a super fun.